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A flower colour wheel representing the colours of the rainbow.

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Coca-Cola coolers not only kept drinks cool on a hot summer’s day, but also served as advertising. The company is instantly recognizable by its signature red branding and font, which remain the same today. Coolers like this, used by the Found family,…

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Will you be my Valentine? These cards belonged to the Johnston family, residents of North Monaghan, Peterborough. This Valentine is inscribed with the words “Hoping you will accept the heart of a cheerful giver” and ends with the simple sign off “To…

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“Presto...the danger’s gone!” This travel-sized fire extinguisher, made by the Presto company in Montreal, was “the miracle fire-fighter that puts out all fires in a jiffy!” While its intention was to ensure safety in dangerous situations, it caused…

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This lipstick is made by the Marcelle company that was founded in 1949. Known for its hypoallergenic formulas, you can still find Marcelle beauty products at your local makeup counter! Pigment from the cochineal beetle is used to dye many different…

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Trick or treat! Noisemakers like these were used in the past to ward off evil spirits. They also may have added to the atmosphere of local Halloween celebrations.

Jack o’ lanterns like the ones depicted here derive from the old tradition of…

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Dressed up for an elegant night in Toronto, Mrs. David Rogers of Peterborough wore this dress circa 1959. She attended a special dinner for Lord Mountbatten, a British Royal Navy officer and statesman. Made by Canadian designer Jack Liebman, no…
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